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R.I.P little Mirco ** may the angels look after you **

You may recall my article on this blog called :

In this article I explained the story of a little missing boy Mirco, aged 10, and how the investigation was progressing in the search for him. I found it very disturbing, and came to the conclusion then already, that these things happen on my doorstep.

Almost 5 months of non-stop investigating and searching, 146 days after Mirco went missing, the tragic news of his death and the circumstances surrounding his death, has been announced, as well as the arrest of a suspect. During these entire 5 months, I had the feeling this case was not going to end well, but I kept my hopes up. A child doesn´t just disappear; he had to be somewhere ! Even the chief policeman, Ingo Thiel, had promised the boy´s parents, that he would find him, and he did.

Little Mirco´s body was found, after the suspect admitted to the crime and finally told the police where his body lay. The story is quite complex, as to how the investigaters puzzled the case together, having had over 9000 tip-offs from the public, and especially one witness who gave the most important information, having seen the perpetrator stop on the side of the road, wait for Mirco to drive past him, stop him and force him into the car. This witness could describe the car in which Mirco was taken, easily.

From then on, a VW Passat of a particular model was being looked for, and over 1500 of those type cars were searched, to no avail. Not a lot more information was given out to the public, in order not to jeopardize the ongoing case. However, a third piece of clothing was found shortly after the car type was announced, and in December Mirco´s mobile phone was also found.

For a long time after, it was silent, and nothing more was said about the case at all, until this last Wednesday 26th January 2011.

An arrest was made at 6am on Wednesday morning, and by lunchtime of the same day, Mirco´s body was also found. A 46 year old family man of three children, was arrested. Nobody knew who he was or where he was from at that point; all I knew was that Mirco´s body had been found, and I felt a very strong pang of sadness….. I had so hoped……

This man apparently seemed relieved when the police arrived to take him away; he´d obviously been waiting for it to happen, as the psychologists explained that a person committing such a crime is too coward to own up, although according to neighbours where he lived, he appeared to be well integrated in his family life, just nobody had the slightest idea that he could have been a murderer ! There is even a local policeman who lives next door to him, who had discussed the disappearance of Mirco at a party, and did not have a clue !

After this man ( he has been named Olaf H. ) had been heard and Mirco´s body found, the replay of events of the 3rd September 2010 came to light,and these are shocking ! Olaf H. claims that occupational stress motivated him to seek someone weaker than himself and give him the feeling of control , after his boss had rattled him that afternoon on the phone. He drove around aimlessly for a long while, until at around 10pm he came across Mirco riding alongside the road on his bicycle. He overtook the bicycle and stopped ahead and waited until Mirco rode by. This is the point the bicycle was found, and where the important witness noticed the car.

Olaf H. drove approx. 12 kilometers until he came to a forest; undressed the boy and sexually abused him. Realizing he could not just let the boy go, he strangled him and left the naked body lying in the undergrowth. He then drove off and on his way dumped some of the clothing in one place and more elsewhere, and threw the mobile phone out the car window again elsewhere. He then drove home in the early hours of the morning of the 4th September. His wife and children at home did not have a clue; they had been told he was doing important work that had to do with his job.

It has also now come to light , as to how the police “found” the VW passat they were looking for. It was a leased company car, driven by Olaf H. until the end of October 2010, and was then replaced when the lease expired. The car was then to be sold and taken off the German registration system, and was traced as being on it´s way to Russia. That deal however never went through, and it was bought up by someone in Luxemburg. When it was registered there, the reg details popped up on the German system, and was tracked down at Frankfurt airport. It´s new owner had gone off to Bali on holiday and parked it there.

It is understood, that the car was searched and DNA was found which corresponded to Mirco´s DNA, but that it was not the only piece of evidence, causing the arrest to be made last Wednesday. I don´t think we will find out how Olaf H. was found, because some parts of the investigation have to remain secret. Ingo Thiel, chief of the police department, has said that sadly Mirco will not be the last child to go missing and murdered under the same circumstances ! He also went on to say that he doesn´t care how much all this has cost to unravel; he made a promise to Mirco´s parents that he would bring their little boy home and he has held to that; unfortunately not alive, but they can at least now have closure and grieve for their child.

The biggest shock for me, came on Thursday 27th, when the public were told where Olaf H. lived: pictures of his house were shown on TV and a shiver ran down my spine when I recognized the street on the video…. It´s just a few roads down from my doorstep…… my worst nightmare came true, and before I became actively involved in missing children, I never would have dreamt it were possible so close to home ! And no matter how vigilant I have become, this goes to show it is still possible to have a murderer in one´s own vicinity without knowing at all !

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McCanns appeal to Portuguese people

Algarve Resident

Updated: 28-Jan-2011

Kate and Gerry McCann have made an appeal to the Portuguese people for them to support their petition calling for a review of the case of their missing daughter Madeleine.

Since its launch in November 2010, more than 40,000 people have signed the petition, which asks for the authorities in Portugal and the UK to conduct an independent and transparent review of all the information regarding the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

Gerry McCann said: “We need the authorities to do more. Our goal is to reach 100,000 signatures that would represent 100,000 people who want a review of the facts and suspects found at the time of the investigation. “Reports and information received by the PJ during the first phase of the investigation may not have been reviewed in the best way, which meant that the data from the investigation was not reviewed correctly.”

Kate McCann added: “We know we can only ask for the case to be reopened if we have new facts but given that the official investigation has now stopped it will be almost impossible for us to find these new facts that could lead to the reopening of the case.

“Therefore we appeal to the authorities, both Portuguese and English, to reassess the entire process so that we can find our daughter.”

Source: Algarve Resident 28/01/11

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A Story Of Hope And Joy - Girl Found After 23 Years

Daily Mail

'I never gave up looking for her': Mother's joy as she is reunited with daughter who was kidnapped as a baby in 1987

By Daily Mail Reporter

Last updated at 3:09 PM on 20th January 2011

A mother's 23-year nightmare is finally over after she was reunited with her daughter - who was kidnapped as a baby in 1987.

Carlina White, now 23, was last seen by her parents when she was just three weeks old at Harlem Hospital in 1987, where she was lying ill with a 104 degree fever.

Her mother Joy was just 16 years old at the time. When she went to see her baby the next morning, Carlina was gone.

Found: Carlina White, now aged 23, who has been reunited with her mother after she was kidnapped as an infant in 1987

Lost: Carlina as an infant in 1987 before she was snatched from a Harlem hospital

Now mother and daughter have been reunited in a case charged with so much emotion that it will give hope to the parents of other missing children - such as those of missing British girl Madeleine McCann, who disappeared in 2007.

'We ate and talked and got to know each other... I feel great,' Miss White said.

'I can sleep! I can definitely sleep now because this has been on my mind for so many years', she added. 'I never gave up looking for her.'

Tears: Carlina's mother Joy, who was just 16 when
 her daughter was kidnapped, breaks down as she
describes the moment they were reunited

 Carlina, who was raised as Njedra Nance, had suspicions growing up that she was not biologically related to the family that raised her in Bridgeport, Connecticut. She said she had never been able to find her birth certificate.

The young woman now living in Georgia was confounded enough to look on the National Center of Missing and Exploited Children website where she found a photo of a girl called 'Carlina Renae White'.

She contacted the organisation and on January 4 they contacted Miss White, forwarding her a photograph of Carlina taken when she was still a baby by the family she had been brought up by.

Miss White said she recognised her daughter instantly.

'I was screaming, I was so excited,' she said. 'As soon as I saw those pictures I said, "That's my daughter," I saw myself in her'.

Ms White was tested to see if she was Carlina's biological mother and Carl Tyson was swabbed to see if he was the missing woman's biological father.

DNA test results confirmed yesterday that they are related and have finally found their missing daughter.

Mr Tyson said he did not need a DNA test to prove the young woman he fathered at 22 years old was his child.

'I already knew in my heart that this was my daughter', Mr Tyson said. 'All I could do is shed tears'.

Miss White said a woman dressed as a nurse tried to comfort her as she worried about her sick baby in August 1987.

'Don't cry. Everything's going to be alright', the woman said to the 16-year-old.

But it was actually a ruse and the woman dressed all in white disappeared with the infant.

Although a $10,000 reward was offered and a Baltimore woman was questioned, no arrests were ever made in one of NYPD's most baffling cases.

Authorities said that the woman had been seen loitering around the hospital for several weeks before the kidnapping.

Ms White and Mr Tyson won a lawsuit against Harlem Hospital in 1992 and received a $750,000 settlement.

The couple ended their relationship a year after their daughter disappeared and both went on to raise separate families.

But they never forgot about Carlina.

Although happy to be reunited, Miss White was devastated to find her daughter did not have a happy childhood. Carlina's kidnapper was apparently a drug-user who once beat her with a shoe.

'She didn't really raise her', Miss White said angrily. 'She neglected her and let other people raise her'.

To take somebody else's baby and neglect it and not take care of it - you have to be a sick person', Miss White said. 'Carlina told me she never had someone to say "I love you" or hug her'.

Charges could still be brought against those who took baby Carlina as there is no statute of limitations for kidnappings of children under the age of 18 as long as the child is still alive.

Source: Daily Mail 20/01/11

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The week four people vanished – and only one made the news

The Independent

Joanna Yeates disappeared one month ago today. But what of the similar cases at the time that the public never heard about?

By Mark Hughes and Sarah Morrison

Ciara Richards, Natalie Bailey and Joanna Yeates

When Joanna Yeates disappeared from her Bristol home on 17 December, her parents suffered the anguish of not knowing what had happened to her, but fearing the worst. This explains why they described the news of the discovery of Ms Yeates's body eight days later as "a relief".

For the families of Nathan Tomlinson, Ciara Richards and Natalie Bailey, there is no such "relief". All three went missing on or around the date that Ms Yeates disappeared, exactly one month ago today. But, unlike Ms Yeates, their cases have attracted little or no publicity, and what has happened to them is still unknown.

Mr Tomlinson, 21, was last seen in the Mitre Bar, Manchester, at around 10.15pm on 17 December – the same night Ms Yeates went missing. She was later filmed on CCTV walking towards Salford but has not been seen since. Ciara Richards is 14 and has run away from home five times before. She has not been seen since 11 December after leaving her home in Hounslow, Middlesex.

Natalie Bailey, a 34-year-old paranoid schizophrenic from Jamaica, has been missing from Dartford in Kent since 13 December. She escaped from the care of a nurse while on day release from a mental health unit. The question of why the majority of missing persons cases fail to merit mention but that of Ms Yeates dominated the news became particularly pertinent earlier this month when celebrities used their Twitter accounts to highlight the case of Serena Beakhurst, a 14-year-old girl who had been missing since 15 December but attracted no media attention. Miss Beakhurst was later found.

While cynics suggest that Ms Yeates's case has attracted publicity because she was a middle-class, photogenic young woman from a wealthy area of Bristol, there are several other reasons her case has received widespread coverage. Firstly, it is now a murder enquiry. But, even before her body was found on Christmas Day, Ms Yeates had been missing for eight days – which was widely reported.

The police don't always alert the media to missing people. Detectives categorise missing people into three categories – low, medium and high risk, and only those in the high-risk category are generally selected for publicity.

The Yeates case was immediately categorised as high risk because the police believed that Ms Yeates had come to harm because she had told nobody of having any plans that evening and had left her mobile phone and personal belongings at home. Assistant Chief Constable Philip Thompson, the spokesman on missing persons for the Association of Chief Police Officers, said: "We ask ourselves what the specific risks are around each individual. In the Joanna Yeates case, an investigator identified at a very early stage that it was an unusual disappearance. She was missing for the first time. That was a high-risk case.

"Someone would also be high risk if they had mental health issues or if they had a medical problem, or if they were particularly young or if they disappeared in an emotional state. Similarly, we look at other issues – has the person gone missing before? Where were they found? And sometimes people are reported missing when they are technically not missing.

He continued: "If someone is staying in local authority care, for example, and they fail to return on time, the person responsible for their care has a duty to report them missing. We often have calls during which someone will say 'I know exactly where he is, but I have to report him missing.' That is obviously not going to be a high-risk case.

"That said, we have to take every call seriously. But we also need a ranking scale. We cannot treat everything as high risk because we would paralyse ourselves. Similarly, if everything was low risk we would be neglecting our responsibility."

Approximately 200,000 people are reported missing every year in the UK. In the Metropolitan Police district 40,525 people were reported missing last year alone.

In Ciara's case, this is the sixth time she has gone missing since last year. The last time she was not seen for eight weeks before returning. Her mother Kerry Richards said: "I can't describe how I feel. It is like I have been ripped apart. The police are so limited in what they can do because kids nowadays have so many rights. Some people know where Ciara is, but they don't have to tell me."

Mr Tomlinson's brother, Paul, 26, said: "This is so out of character. Obviously we are worried and we have heard absolutely nothing. If he was somewhere now we would get a phone call, so we have got to think something has happened."

Natalie Bailey has no family in the UK, which is hindering the search for her. Sergeant Joseph McDonald explained: "We have tried to contact the press quite a lot: local press, internet appeals, and we have distributed her poster to women's refugee centres, in hospitals and in council buildings. There has not been one recorded sighting."

However, very few cases are publicised by the police, let alone appear in the pages of national newspapers or on television, and this lack of coverage is difficult for family members. Martin Houghton-Brown, chief executive of Missing People, said: "It is really challenging to provide coverage for every family of a missing person.

"Even if we wanted to, we cannot control what the media writes, which is why social media is becoming so important for us. We try to emphasise to families how they can harness the power of websites like Facebook and Twitter to search for their loved ones. But I know many families get frustrated by the lack of publicity and they ask us why there isn't more."

Sometimes it is an operational decision by police to keep the media appeals small, as Mr Thompson explained: "If we take an appeal national, with the best will in the world someone in Aberdeen will swear blind that they have seen someone who went missing in London – and we know from experience that it is unlikely, because most people who go missing tend to be found in that same area."

Some families simply do not want media coverage. Joe Apps, the manager of the National Policing Improvement Authority's Missing Persons Bureau, explained: "There are a number of families who think it is a private event or that the person will turn up. They might also worry about the potential embarrassment it brings for the family.

"People don't generally go missing for nothing. There is always a reason behind it. It depends how much they [families] want what happens in their family life to be pried into by the police and the media."

Missing: Three cases that failed to attract publicity

Ciara Richards

The 14-year-old schoolgirl has been missing from Hounslow, Middlesex since 11 December. It is the sixth time since July that she has gone missing – the last time she was not found for eight weeks. Three days later she had disappeared again, and is still gone. Her mother, Kerry Richards, 33, said: "We are all baffled by it. Ciara is extremely intelligent, doing brilliantly at school and has lots of friends. When she came home last time, I was just relieved that she was still alive."

Nathan Tomlinson

The 21-year-old was last seen just after 10pm on Friday 17 December by a friend at a work Christmas party in the Mitre Bar in Manchester city centre. He was spotted on CCTV walking past Manchester Cathedral and heading towards Salford, but has not been seen since.
His brother Paul Tomlinson, 26, said: "This is so out of character. Obviously we are worried. If he was somewhere now we would get a phone call so we have got to think something has happened."

Natalie Bailey

The 34-year-old has been missing from Dartford, Kent, since 13 December. She suffers from paranoid schizophrenia and has been in a secure mental health unit since 2009. She had been visiting a man she said was her uncle in Lewisham when she escaped from the nurse accompanying her. Sergeant Joseph McDonald, from Lewisham police, said: "She has no family in this country we can get hold of, she is originally from Jamaica. We are very worried about her safety."

Source: The Independent 17/01/11

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Sex Gangs Grooming Children As Young As 10Yrs Old

Daily Mail

Children as young as TEN are 'being used, abused and thrown away by British sex gangs'

By Daily Mail Reporter

Last updated at 12:02 PM on 17th January 2011
  • Children being sold for average of £16,000 
  • Abuse of teens missed as social workers focus on younger children
Priority: Barnardo's says the debate must focus on the victims (file picture)

Sexually exploited children as young as 10 are being used bought, abused and thrown away by sex gangs in Britain a leading children's charity said today.

Barnardo's has called on the government to appoint a minister with specific responsibility for the escalating issue of organised on-street grooming gangs.

But child trafficking goes beyond sexual abuse, according to a second report out today, with European children being sold into UK criminal gangs for an average price of £16,000, and being forced to steal.

The call for a minister with direct responsibility comes as the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (Ceop) revealed the extent of the crime, with 21 of its 22 of its teams across the country having uncovered evidence of organised grooming and trafficking.

Earlier this month Abid Mohammed Saddique and Mohammed Liaqat were jailed for their part in organising a Derby-based gang thought to be the biggest sex-abuse ring ever discovered in Britain, involving up to 100 young girls - mostly aged between 12 and 18 - for sex.

Barnardo's says it is currently working with more than 1,000 children who have been groomed, abused and trafficked for money, but that the number represents only 'the tip of the iceberg'.

The charity also warned that the grooming of teenagers was being overlooked as social workers were preoccupied with younger children.

Ceop has begun a study 'to identify any patterns of offending, victimisation or vulnerability' but is keen for the debate to focus on the welfare of the victims.

Anne Marie Carrie, Barnardo's new chief executive, said the children had 'been forgotten as discussion has focused on the ethnicity of perpetrators in high-profile cases.

'Children are being passed from man to man, home to home, city to city.

'It's the domestic trafficking of children for money.

CCTV: Footage of Mohammed Liaqat and Abid Mohammed Saddique cruising the streets of  Derby prior to their convictions.
'This problem is getting worse in that it is getting more organised, certainly the grooming is becoming more organised using technology.

'The children are as young as 10.

'These children are being used, abused and thrown away by organised gangs of men.

'Without a minister with overall responsibility the government response is likely to remain inadequate.'

The Department for Education (DoE) said it was committed to action.

'Child sexual exploitation is an appalling crime - it is a form of child sexual abuse and must not be tolerated,' said a spokeswoman for DoE.

'This is a complex problem and we are determined to tackle it effectively by working collaboratively right across government and with national and local agencies.'

In a report released by Europol, which co-ordinates intelligence on child trafficking across the EU, the body states that children are also sold into criminal gangs in the UK and forced to steal, as well as being abused.

The children, who are believed to be worth up to £130,000-per-year to the gangs, are subjected to 'extreme forms of violence, such as sexual abuse and torture.'

The trafficking and exploitation of these children is a lucrative business, with the children being routinely sold between different criminal gangs and the "price" based on the child's money-earning potential,' said the Europol report.

Scotland Yard's Operation Golf, which look specifically at Romany child trafficking gangs, has calculated that average price of a child in the UK is £16,000.


The Children's Society has issued advice to parents to help detect whether their child is being preyed on by grooming gangs.

Penny Nicholls, director of children and young people at the charity, said gangs 'shower vulnerable children with gifts and lure them to be horrifically exploited, sometimes for years on end' and offered advice on warning signs.

'First of all, children get gifts they couldn't possibly pay for on their own - they're given mobile phones and various things, they're taken out, they're treated [with] things,' she said.

'Secondly, that children begin to be a bit more quiet and secretive about their friends.

'And thirdly, that they have very suspicious sleep-overs. Suddenly, sleep-overs become more prevalent.'

Source: Daily Mail 17/01/11

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Database to identify child abuse threat Sunday Post

Sunday Post

Images of runaway kids will be cross-checked  (paper edition)

09 January 2011

EXCLUSIVE by John Paul Breslin

FACES of runaways and missing children could be cross-referenced against a national database of child abuse images to find out if they are being harmed.

The Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP) has used facial recognition software to scan for some missing children in its database of videos and pictures of abuse.

However, it is now considering expanding this to look for all runaways and missing kids in the UK.

It could even search material after children have been reunited with their families to ensure they didn't run away to escape abuse.

Martin Houghton-Brown, Chief Executive of charity Missing People, said CEOP is already searching for "a significant number of children who have been missing for over a year".

However, he wants the organisation to go further and check for all runaways.

"It's clear that some young people are targeted for sexual exploitation, and the first indication of that can be that they're running away from home," he said.

"One of the mediums that potential exploiters and abusers will use is the Internet.

"There should be a national resource where pictures of missing children can be cross-checked against online child abuse images.

"We need to be robust in the way that we prevent these incidents from happening and investigate them, and CEOP's expertise would be valuable in doing that."

Every year, 9000 children go missing in Scotland. The figure is closer to 77,000 in the UK as a whole.

CEOP's database contains hundreds of thousands of photos and videos of abuse that have been seized in child sex offender investigations.

Using facial recognition software to search the database for all runaways and missing children could help save more youngsters and bring their abusers to justice.

CEOP asked members of the public who were in Praia da Luz around the time of Madeleine McCann's disappearance to send them images of their holiday.

The organisation said it wanted the images to "build a larger intelligence picture".

However, a spokesman for Kate and Gerry McCann said he would not discuss whether or not CEOP has searched its database for the little girl.

"CEOP has worked closely with the McCann's to assist the search for Madeleine," he said.

"Kate and Gerry have been pleased with the work that CEOP has done on their behalf over the last three and a half years.


"But they will not discuss, for operational reasons, any detail of the technical work that has been carried out.

"Of course, Kate and Gerry would welcome anything and any development in technology that would allow child sex offenders to be brought to justice."

Charities are worried that Government proposals to merge CEOP within a new National Crime Agency would scupper the organisation's facial recognition plans.

Former chief executive Jim Gamble, two senior managers and a group of specialist Internet investigators have already quit CEOP over the proposed merger.

The Association of Chief Police Officers and Shadow Home Secretary Alan Johnson have also said they want CEOP to remain a standalone body.

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'Sickening' Paedophile Gang Members Jailed

Sky News

10:47pm UK, Monday January 10, 2011
Adam Arnold, Sky News Online

The leader and two female members of an online paedophile gang that sexually assaulted young children and shared the images have been jailed.

IT consultant Colin Blanchard, 40, was given an indeterminate sentence and was told he would serve a minimum term of nine years in jail.

The judge's decision means he will not be released until the parole board are satisfied he no longer poses a risk to the public.

Blanchard, from Rochdale, led what prosecutors have described as "one of the most sickening paedophile rings this country has seen".

Four women were in the gang, and two of them, mother-of-nine Tracy Lyons and community care worker Tracy Dawber, have been sentenced alongside Blanchard.

Lyons, of Portsmouth, was jailed for seven years while Dawber, from Southport, was given a four-year prison term.

Mother-of-two Vanessa George, of Plymouth, and single mother Angela Allen, from Bulwell, Nottingham, were given indeterminate prison sentences in December 2009.

(L-R) Colin Blanchard, Tracy Dawber and Tracy Lyons

The judge, Mr Justice Royce, said to Blanchard: "Your influence over four separate women so they engaged in sexual abuse of children in such tender years is frightening.

"It is more extraordinary when one appreciates you never actually met three of them face to face.
"It is beyond the ken of decent people how any of you could stoop as disgustingly low as you did."

The paedophile ring was smashed when a work colleague of Blanchard found child sex abuse images on his computer in June 2009 and called police.

The net closed in on the rest of the gang and detectives identified Lyons, Dawber, Little Ted's nursery worker George and ex-prostitute Allen as being the other members.

Vanessa George and Angela Allen were sentenced in December 2009

Blanchard met the women over the internet and convinced them to sexually assault young children and send him the perverted images.

George abused young children at Little Ted's nursery in Plymouth, as did Allen and Lyons, who both assaulted youngsters to please Blanchard.

Unlike the other women, Dawber actually met Blanchard and was in a year-long relationship with him.

She sexually assaulted a child and allowed Blanchard to take pictures of the abuse on his mobile phone.

Blanchard, George, Allen and Lyons had pleaded guilty to a string of charges of sexual assault and making and possessing child pornography.

The final member of the ring to be convicted was Dawber, who was found guilty in October after a re-trial.

Source: Sky News 01/10/11

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Texas Teen Vanishes Into Thin Air Days After Christmas

Hailey Darlene Dunn

Hailey Dunn was said to be spending the night at a friend’s house on the evening of  Monday, Dec. 27, 2010. But when the 13-year-old didn’t come home the next morning, Billie Dunn – Hailey’s mother – knew something was wrong. Cops say she immediately filed a missing persons report after learning Hailey’s friend wasn’t even expecting her as a visitor.

“From the start, our department and our colleagues from other law enforcement and judicial agencies that have joined our effort have treated Hailey’s case as one of a missing person,” said Colorado City Manager Pete Kampfer. “We’ve made no assumptions as to what occurred, intentionally focusing on rapidly collecting facts and using these facts to guide our work.”

Cops say 13 year old cheerleader Hailey Darlene Dunn
vanished on Monday Dec 27 2010 The girl was believed
to be staying at a friend's house that evening but never
 showed up.

Police say alerts were also distributed to both the NCIC and TCIC systems, computer networks established to link law enforcement personnel across the country and throughout Texas, respectively.

“We’re applying all personnel and other resources necessary and appropriate to our work in finding Hailey, with no plans of letting up,” Kampfer said. “This is a night-and-day endeavor for us all.”

Now the Colorado City Police has even enlisted the help of the Texas Rangers to help locate the missing 13-year-old cheerleader. Cops tell AMW that they are also conducting a thorough and ongoing investigation of people and places in the immediate area of Hailey’s house, including all registered sex offenders in the city.

But, cops still need your tips in the baffling disappearance of the Texas teen.

Cops: Insufficient Evidence To Issue AMBER Alert

Police say Hailey Darlene Dunn is a student and cheerleader at Colorado City Middle School. They say the 13-year-old girl was last seen wearing navy blue sweatpants, a short-sleeved light-colored T-shirt, flip flops and red hoop earrings. They say Hailey’s upper left ear is also pierced, and she stands at 5 feet 1 inch tall and weighs around 120 pounds. She has hazel eyes and light brown hair with blond highlights.

Cops can’t say for sure if Hailey was abducted or ran away, but they consider the circumstances of her disappearance suspicious. Unfortunately, Hailey’s case has not yet met the requirement for issuance of an AMBER Alert for this reason. They say they have made three separate requests for a posting of the missing child alert but have been turned down each time.

“In each of the three requests, we’ve been told that there is not enough information currently available about Hailey’s disappearance to issue an AMBER Alert,” said Colorado City Police Chief John Bivens. “The minimum standard for creating an AMBER Alert is knowledge of a suspect, a description of a vehicle involved in an abduction and/or a route and direction of travel.”

Cops tell AMW that they will not be deterred and are hoping the national attention the case is now receiving will help bring Hailey home safely.

“This community and, in particular, the family and friends of Hailey Dunn can be absolutely confident that we will continue to pursue the issuance of an AMBER Alert with each additional piece of evidence we uncover until such a time as we meet the minimum standards established by the AMBER Alert system in Texas,” Chief Bivens added.

Remember: You can remain anonymous.

Have you seen missing child Hailey Dunn? If so, do the right thing and call our Hotline right away at 1-800-CRIME-TV. Remember: You can remain anonymous.
- Jenny Allen, AMW Staff

If you’ve seen 13-year-old Hailey Darlene Dunn or have any information about her disappearance, do the right thing and call our Hotline right away at 1-800-CRIME-TV.

Resource: America's Most Wanted,

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More Missing Children Found

Some of our found cases this time are tinged with sadness!!!
The majority of our "Found" missing children have been recovered safely and returned to their families or placed in a safe place. We have one case of a sibling found alive while her brother was found deceased at the hand of his own father! We also have a baby found alive and well but his mother was not afforded the same outcome!!
















Sadly his mum, Ana was found deceased.

Sadly her Brother, Deyan was not found alive.